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Jungle Green Test Pilot Pre-Order (Free Shipping)

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Jungle Green Test Pilot Pre-Order (Free Shipping)

What started as an April Fools prank is now a reality! The Jungle Green Test Pilot by @trevorfosterstudio is cleared for takeoff. 

Trevor has a vision for the colors, and we still have a long waitlist on the blue so we wanted to give everyone one last chance to own this amazing piece (or complete a set if you’re a completist like us).

We are doing a flexible edition size (capped at 300) which means we will make a final call on run size based on demand after 24 hours.

We hope this makes up for giving a few of you a heart attack a few weeks back. Note this is just the sculpt. We’re trying to get production started as soon as possible so we’ll show the final in time, but Trevor’s work is always stunning

Expected Delivery Q4

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