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Swirly Bob Strawberry Swirl Pre-Order (Shipping Included)

Lost Temple Traders

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Swirly Bob Strawberry Swirl Pre-Order (Shipping Included)

Sweet swirls of summer it's Swirly Bob (Swirly Robert to his enemies). One sip from this swirly smiling son of a gun, and you'll be right back in the jungle on a sweltering humid day. Can't you just feel the mosquitos nipping at your everywhere?

Swirly Bob is a collaboration with Munktiki Imports. Each flavor is limited edition and stands 7" tall. This pre-order is for one Swirly Bob: Strawberry Swirl Flavor Mug. Mugs estimated to ship in 6-8 months (Sorry for the wait. This is the only way we could think of to make enough for everyone to get one this time). Limited Edition 300. 

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